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Chris Molitor
Current Location:65°F Seattle, WA 10:39 AM PDT(in office till 4pm M-F)

Designer + Indie-developer Working on

I love building unique web experiences from concept to launch. Have an idea you need some help with? Say hello! DM's are open @theMOLITOR

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Chris and the epicjobs team are so great, and their site and mission is even greater. We’re lucky to host them and our collective creative pros! #GoTeam

Media Temple


If it wasn’t for Chris, epicjobs wouldn’t exist. I told him about the idea, showed him some designs, begged for his help to build it, and bam—he’s now the co-founder. Follow him and show some 🖤

Dann Petty

Co-Founder at /


epicjobs is quite possibly the best job application board, listing source, and quick resume platform, with the highest life-changing conversion rates I've ever seen. It's EPIC to see what you've built

Waldo Broodryk

Designer at Webflow


I absolutely love RIVYT. As a youtuber I was struggling to build a website that really helped promote my videos/brand etc. I was so happy when I found these guys.

Clayton Parker



RIVYT’s the ONLY website service I’ve seen that is actually cratered to people like us. RIVYT builds your site, automatically, in SECONDS – based around YOUR CONTENT.

Jon Prosser

Founder, Front Page Tech


Every part of the RIVYT process has been outstanding. It’s a masterclass in how things should be done online, even the timing of getting me to go pro. Genius.

Richard Mulholland

Global Speaker