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Chris Molitor
Current Location:48°F Seattle, WA 02:26 AM PDT(in office till 4pm M-F)

Designer + Indie-developer Working on

I love building unique web experiences from concept to launch. Have an idea you need some help with? Say hello! DM's are open @theMOLITOR

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That Portfolio™ — Hosted Portfolio Template Service built on WordPress

That Book™ — Online book series with a full audio and video experience

epicjobs — Job board for creatives powered by Twitter

RIVYT — Instant websites for YouTube Creators and Video Professionals

Chris and the epicjobs team are so great, and their site and mission is even greater. We’re lucky to host them and our collective creative pros! #GoTeam

Media Temple


If it wasn’t for Chris, epicjobs wouldn’t exist. I told him about the idea, showed him some designs, begged for his help to build it, and bam—he’s now the co-founder. Follow him and show some 🖤

Dann Petty

Co-Founder at /