That Book™ — Online book series with a full audio and video experience

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More than a book, it’s That Book™

Almost one year after launching epicjobs with DannPetty, I’m SUPER excited to announce our latest project…!!! Dann authored the first book in our soon-to-be “That ___ Book” series, called “That Portfolio Book”.

That Book™ aims at taking the traditional e-book experience to the next level by including video and audio as alternate methods for consuming the book content.

Audio Content Highlighting

One of the more exciting aspects to That Book™ is the “Audio Content Highlighting” feature I developed. By playing the audio, you can easily read along with the author as the page content gets highlighted. This makes the experience come alive as you can see and hear what is being discussed.

Audio Content Highlighting
Audio playback speed control
Additional Credits:
Dann Petty (Designer & Co-Founder)